Our Products

Material selection is one of the key decisions one makes in designing a product. We frequently have clients asking us to build and design something in “plastic”. There are literally thousands of plastic materials to choose from, with dozens, if not hundreds, of combinations of surface and edge finish. There are numerous coating available depending on the exact application that will factor into the final design requirements. Our team can assist you in selecting the best product to fulfill your requirements.


Your Selection

We do not require formal engineering or mechanical drawings, though we are happy to work to your drawings. Instead, our process involves getting to the core of what our client really needs and actually prototyping the item. We can then see it in the real world, in order to detect any design, aesthetic, or mechanical problems before it goes too far along in the design process.

We work with a variety of plastic and other materials. Our specialty is in ACRYLIC fabrication (e.g. Acrylite®, Plexiglas®, Lucite®, Optix®, Acrilex®, 3Form®, Acrysteel®) but we are also highly skilled in many other materials.