Our Story

Established in 1974, we remain true to our founders’ vision as a family owned and operated manufacturing firm. Specializing in design-build projects for retail, banking, merchandising, industrial, signage, home, and specialty applications, we bring an innovative, creative, and passionate method to realizing your vision.

We do everything from concept development, in consultation with the client, to prototyping and mechanical design, to large-run production and logistics, all in-house.


Our Style

As a custom fabrication facility using the latest technologies, we are extremely flexible and can use a variety of tooling, and processes including: CNC Routering, Digital Printing, Vacuum Forming, Blow Moulding, Thermoforming, Aluminum Fabrication, and Conventional Machining processes to create virtually anything that can be conceived, and/or sketched.

We do not require formal engineering or mechanical drawings, though we are happy to work to your drawings. Instead, our process involves getting to the core of what our client really needs and actually prototyping the item. We can then see it in the real world, in order to detect any design, aesthetic, or mechanical problems before it goes too far along in the design process.