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Plastic Thermoforming

Thermoforming is a generic term, which refers to a process that begins with an extruded sheet of plastic. It is the process of taking a sheet of plastic material, heating it up to a temperature where it becomes pliable, and forming it to shape. When the sheet has cooled to the point where it retains its new shape, the excess plastic is trimmed from the product and finished as required.

CNC Plastic Machining

The equipment used in CNC plastic machining are computer controlled, automated milling machines with 3 axes. Like all machining processes, plastic machining is a subtractive method that removes layers of material to shape and form the final product. In plastic CNC machining, molds are not required, reducing costs and startup times. With the new addition of the Multicam Apex R3 to our CNC team, we have added the ability to CNC cut projects with a high degree of accuracy at a high speed. With the large custom made 4 head CNC, the millennium and the new Apex machine, we have the ability to help tackle tight time frames and large volume jobs.

Plastic Polishing

Flame Polishing
Flame polishing, also known as fire polishing, is a method of polishing a thermoplastic material by exposing it to a flame or heat. When the surface of the material briefly melts, surface tension smooths the surface. Operator skill is critical with this method.

Buff Polishing
Buff polishing is a method for polishing a sanded acrylic edge using a buffing wheel and rouge polish. Buff polishing is more time consuming than flame polishing but is recommended on thicker gauges of acrylic.

Diamond Polishing
This method uses fast rotating diamonds to provide pieces with a clear (gloss) finish with minimal stress on the acrylic.

Carbide Polishing
Similar to diamond polishing, carbide polishing does not add stress to the edge of acrylic, however this method leaves a frosted (matte) edge.

Aluminium Fabrication

Along with our high end acrylic fabrication, we also offer various ways to help complete a project with aluminum fabrication. With the ability to cut, mitre, drill and assemble we offer our clients the peace of mind of having projects complete when leaving our facility.

Roll To Roll Printing

Our rapidly expanding roll to roll printing department offers various solutions to roll to roll printing. We offer latex, solvent and UV printing options to meet a wide variety of needs for our clients. We also offer white ink prints which can be used to create custom distraction banding. With 6 printers on our floor (3 HP latex 570, 2 Mimaki UCJV300-160, and 1 JV300-160) we are able to offer different solutions to our clients as well as the peace of mind that jobs will be complete on time.

Heat Assist Laminating

Heat Assist Laminators are designed to work with pressure sensitive rolls of film and not standard or low melt films. The heat provided by these machines is not designed to melt adhesive but to make the application of pressure sensitive overlaminates easier. It also helps to reduce bubbles and/or wrinkles and increases lamination speed. By adding heat, we are able to achieve better results and use specialty films that are difficult to use otherwise. Additionally, heat assist lamination of printed media can extend product life by double, preserve color vividness and accentuate contrast.

Custom Vinyl Cutting

A plotter is a computer vector graphic printer that gives a hard copy of the output based on instructions from the system. A vinyl cutter uses a computer controlled blade to cut our desired shapes and letters out of vinyl material. A typical vinyl cutter receives instructions from a computer or cartridge to enable it to cut unique designs from vinyl and other similar materials.

Tactile, Braille Signage

A tactile sign is any sign that can be read by touch. Braille, raised print and raised symbols are examples of tactile elements used on signs. Doors and openings leading to public spaces should be identified by tactile signage. With two different ADA approved systems in operation at our facility we are able to offer different solutions to accommodate our clients' accessible signage needs. With (2) DCS 1800BG printers in house and one photopolymer system, we offer various options and high volume production capabilities.

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